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Stone Designs

The Possibilities for Stone Use in your Hardscape Design are Endless!

The use of stone in our area has virtually no limitations; not only in terms of the kinds of stone that can be used, but also in terms of the multitude of structures that can be constructed.  
Stone can be used to build:

  • patio floors and walls
  • paths, including garden stepping stone walkways
  • walls for a cold frame
  • walls used as boarders between different areas
  • columns to support car ports as well as pergola columns
  • foundations for gazebos and other outbuildings  
  • outbuildings made exclusively of stone
  • foundations for porches and decks
  • accent pieces for water and rock gardens
  • retaining walls that prevent erosion

To get an idea of all the different types of stone that can be utilized please click here.

The type of stone used will determine the types of tools and materials used to work with it. Smaller stones are usually transported with a wheelbarrow and moved into position by hand. Transporting larger stones involves more intricate mechanized lifting equipment. Other tools ordinarily used are strings, stakes, brick hammers, hammer drills, and chisels.

Different stone structures require different techniques of construction and each one has its own specificities. For example, when building a dry stone retaining wall, one has to consider that in addition to holding back the weight of the earth it is meant to retain, the wall must also withstand the area’s freeze and thaw cycles, and look good all at the same time. 

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